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Every business should periodically review their telecom and IT services to ensure they are getting the very best available solutions at the lowest possible costs. Our consultation will help you determine if there are newer, more advanced solutions available that will help your company stay competitive, more secure, and possibly save money. A quick consultation to learn about your business's goals and needs will allow us to architect the best, most current solutions at no cost to you. 


  • UCaaS = Unified Communications as a Service or Hosted VoIP is a cloud managed PBX phone service to end users, replacing on-prem PBX systems, SIP, PRI's, and POTS lines.
  • CCaaS = Contact Center as a Service allows agents to work from any location on multiple connected devices. Includes built in redundancy, flexibility, analytics, and easy scalability.
  • Colocation = provides a secure data center for your IT infrastructure. The provider supplies power, cooling, rack space, and bandwidth.
  • Connectivity = encompasses SD-WAN, MPLS, VPN, fiber and broadband internet, point to point, voice, and more.
  • SaaS (or SecaaS) = Security as a Service covers a broad range of services from managed firewalls and IDPS to DDoS mitigation and SIEM. Providers analyze behavior to detect constantly changing threats and provide 24/7/365 security monitoring, notification, and remediation.
  • BaaS = Backup as a Service protects and stores data in the cloud and allows for recovery of files or servers back to the customer's on-prem environment.
  • DRaaS = Disaster Recovery as a Service protects the business from a catastrophic data loss by allowing for the recovery of the entire IT environment (servers, storage, networking, apps, & data) from the cloud.